Friday, March 2, 2018

Problem with Comcast

Had an extremely frustrating morning. Have a gander:

xfinity Chat Transcript

CHAT STARTED AT Mar 2, 2018 10:57:15 AM
10:57 AM Matthew Conlon : The internet connection is always poor, and sometimes worse.
---You are now chatting with Aditya Narayan---
10:59 AM Aditya Narayan :Hi Matthew, thank you for contacting Xfinity Chat Support.  My name is Aditya Narayan.  Please give me a moment to review your account information.
10:59 AM Aditya Narayan : Before we get started, I just want to let you know that if you minimize the chat window or hit the back button. We may loose the current chat session. So please keep this window open. 
11:00 AM Matthew Conlon : Understood - Although I frequently lose connection to anything I'm doing on the internet anyway
11:00 AM Aditya Narayan : I will help you with your concern.
11:00 AM Matthew Conlon : I work from home, and I'm in IT support, I have been for about 20 years. I deal with things like this all the time. I've replaced the modem, and experienced no improvement.
11:00 AM Aditya Narayan : Please help me with the name of the account holder and complete service address along with zip code.
11:01 AM Matthew Conlon : My connection almost completely drops at least three times a day, for about 10 minutes at a time, on average
11:01 AM Matthew Conlon : I'm paying a lot, and the subscription is what, 10MB?
11:01 AM Matthew Conlon : I never get more than 5, and usually less than 2.
11:02 AM Aditya Narayan : Please help me with the name of the account holder and complete service address along with zip code.
11:02 AM Matthew Conlon : I had fios at my last location for over 10 years, and had a total of 3 outages during that whole time. I paid less, and had an 80MB subscription.
11:02 AM Matthew Conlon : **************
11:02 AM Aditya Narayan : Thank you.
11:02 AM Matthew Conlon : You're welcome.
11:03 AM Matthew Conlon : I apologize if I seem frustrated. Fact is, I am.
11:03 AM Aditya Narayan : I have checked and found that you are using 100 mbps internet. 
11:04 AM Matthew Conlon : Well, I suppose then my complaint is even more severe. I thought it was 10. I never get more than 6.
11:04 AM Aditya Narayan : We have a technical team, I will connect you with them. They will help you to fix the internet speed issue.
11:04 AM Aditya Narayan : Shall I connect you with them?
11:04 AM Matthew Conlon : sure
11:05 AM Aditya Narayan : Please stay connected.
11:05 AM Matthew Conlon : WE
11:05 AM Matthew Conlon : We'll see! I hope I do
---You are being transferred.  Please wait for the next available agent.---
---You are now chatting with Saif Ahmad---
11:06 AM Saif Ahmad : Good Morning Matthew.
11:06 AM Matthew Conlon : Hello
11:06 AM Saif Ahmad : Please allow me 1-2 minutes to review the chat transcript to assist you better.
11:06 AM Matthew Conlon : certainly. Thanks
11:08 AM Saif Ahmad : I see you are facing the slow internet issue.
11:08 AM Saif Ahmad : I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.
11:08 AM Matthew Conlon : Frequently, yes.
11:09 AM Saif Ahmad : I will certainly assist you with this by checking on your account status and provide assistance as needed.
11:10 AM Matthew Conlon : Thanks
11:11 AM Saif Ahmad : You're welcome.
11:12 AM Saif Ahmad : We will perform few troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. If this requires further assistance, we will discuss other options and work towards providing you best resolution.
11:12 AM Saif Ahmad : I have checked there were equipments arranged at wrong outlet at the server end.
11:12 AM Saif Ahmad : I have made the changes.
11:13 AM Saif Ahmad : To check current speed, please run speed test from the link: . This will also help us identify whether or not the speed has improved.
11:13 AM Matthew Conlon : I'm there now. I'm getting 5Mbps download, and about the same upload. What should it be?
11:13 AM Matthew Conlon : Last fellow told me we were paying for 100?
11:14 AM Saif Ahmad : You have subscribed for 100Mbps of download and 5 Mbps of upload speed.
11:14 AM Saif Ahmad : To ensure that the device has the right system registry, kindly provide the CMAC address of the modem (it can sometimes be labeled as HFC or RFA MAC).
11:14 AM Saif Ahmad : It is found at the sticker label underneath or behind the modem - composed of 12 letters/numbers (0-9; A-F) (Example: CMAC - 0A:1B:2C:3D:4E:5F or 0A1B2C3D4E5F)
11:14 AM Matthew Conlon : Okay, so I'm getting 5% download
11:15 AM Matthew Conlon : Any other way I can find that? Maybe the web gui? I don't have access to the actual hardware right now.
11:16 AM Saif Ahmad : Okay, no issues let me figure it out.
11:17 AM Saif Ahmad : As it is showing two modems connected on the account, I making sure I am working on the right one.
11:17 AM Matthew Conlon : Ah. Yeah, we have an older one for the phone system.
11:18 AM Matthew Conlon : THAT on, I have physical access to if you want that MAC?
11:19 AM Saif Ahmad : That would be helpful, however it should be **************
11:19 AM Matthew Conlon : let me check
11:19 AM Saif Ahmad : As I figured it out.
11:21 AM Matthew Conlon : Cmac of the one that handles the phones is 0015CF4186E1
11:22 AM Saif Ahmad : Thank you.
11:22 AM Matthew Conlon : Is that one provisioned with the 100mbps service, and the other one has less?
11:23 AM Saif Ahmad : As I see the modem ************** is the concern.
11:23 AM Matthew Conlon : That's correct.
11:23 AM Matthew Conlon : That's what I'm connected to wirelessly currently.
11:23 AM Saif Ahmad : Are you connected with this one.
11:23 AM Saif Ahmad : Thanks for confirming.
11:23 AM Matthew Conlon : Is that cmac available in the web interface? I'd like to confirm for certain.
11:24 AM Saif Ahmad : Yes.
11:24 AM Matthew Conlon : Can you tell me where? I can't seem to find it.
11:24 AM Saif Ahmad : You can check in your My Account >>>> MY devices
11:25 AM Matthew Conlon : I found it, it's under "Gateway" > Connection > XFINITY Network. **************
11:25 AM Matthew Conlon : That's the one providing internet connection to all my devices.
11:26 AM Saif Ahmad : Yes you are right.
11:26 AM Saif Ahmad : Are you connected with KevinNow2.4g
11:26 AM Matthew Conlon : Yes.
11:27 AM Saif Ahmad : I am going to provision the modem to update it's settings. After a successful provisioning, the connection speed should improve and remain stable.
11:27 AM Matthew Conlon : Just got 8 up, 6 down
11:27 AM Saif Ahmad : As a heads up, you will experience a brief disconnection however we would be automatically reconnected within 5-6 minutes.
11:28 AM Matthew Conlon : Great, thanks. I'll be here.
11:29 AM Saif Ahmad : Sure.
11:29 AM Saif Ahmad : You're welcome.
11:31 AM Saif Ahmad : Is the modem going through boot up process?
11:33 AM Matthew Conlon : Well, I never disconnected.
11:33 AM Matthew Conlon : so... I'm gonna say no?
11:33 AM Saif Ahmad : Okay.
---The browser is unable to connect to the chat server. Some messages may not have been delivered and you will not be able to send or receive new messages.---
11:37 AM Saif Ahmad : Matthew, are you using any additional router as well with the modem?
---You are now reconnected with Saif Ahmad---
11:37 AM Saif Ahmad : Glad to have you back.
11:38 AM Matthew Conlon : Thanks. No, no additional router.
11:38 AM Saif Ahmad : Thanks for the info.
11:38 AM Matthew Conlon : 9 down 5 up. No significant change.
11:39 AM Saif Ahmad : It is still not fully provisioned please wait for 2-3 minutes.
11:39 AM Saif Ahmad : It is done now, please wait for 1-2 minutes to completely sync the modem with server.
11:39 AM Saif Ahmad : Then we will check.
11:39 AM Matthew Conlon : ok
11:40 AM Saif Ahmad : Thank you for the support and co-operation.
11:42 AM Saif Ahmad : To check current speed, please run speed test from the link:
11:42 AM Matthew Conlon : That's where I've been going, yeah. still 9 down, 6 up
11:43 AM Saif Ahmad : Thank you for checking.
11:43 AM Saif Ahmad : Are you facing this issue on wired or wireless?
11:44 AM Matthew Conlon : Wireless. Let me try a different wifi adapter.
11:45 AM Matthew Conlon : If I switch adapters, am I going to lose this connection? Will it come back if I leave the window open?
11:45 AM Saif Ahmad : Could please help me to check the speed and connection on wired?
11:45 AM Matthew Conlon : No, I can't. I don't have physical access to the device.
11:45 AM Saif Ahmad : If you leave the window open we will be connected back again.
11:45 AM Matthew Conlon : okay, I'll be right bakc then
11:45 AM Matthew Conlon : back *
11:45 AM Saif Ahmad : This is to apprise that please do not click the back button of browser/ do not refresh as it will close the current chat session.
11:46 AM Matthew Conlon : By the way, right now, I'm getting less than 1Mbps
11:46 AM Saif Ahmad : I see.
---The browser is unable to connect to the chat server. Some messages may not have been delivered and you will not be able to send or receive new messages.---
---You are now reconnected with Saif Ahmad---
11:50 AM Saif Ahmad : Glad to have you back.
11:51 AM Matthew Conlon : Well. That's quite a bit better. 56 down, 4 up.
11:51 AM Saif Ahmad : It will be getting better as it takes time to sync with the server.
11:51 AM Matthew Conlon : that's the 5ghz, let me try the 2.4.
11:51 AM Matthew Conlon : I see.
11:52 AM Saif Ahmad : Yes the speed will be more on 5Ghz, you will be aware of that, as you are from IT.
11:52 AM Matthew Conlon : Right yes.
11:52 AM Matthew Conlon : So here's a question... I moved in here with my mother two years ago, and the internet has been crappy the whole time. I have contacted Comcast, we've gone through all these "reprovisioning" steps before, and we've even swapped out the modem.
11:53 AM Matthew Conlon : Just today, you've told me that equipment was set up incorrectly on comcast's side, and that the modem was incorrectly provisioned
11:53 AM Matthew Conlon : We're paying $220 or so dollars a month, and in 2 years, we haven't had what we've been paying for.
11:53 AM Saif Ahmad : I can certainly understand, I apologize for the past experience.
11:53 AM Saif Ahmad : I am going to initiate a reset to the modem. Note: All the devices connected, including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, will lose connectivity for a few minutes until the modem is back online.
11:54 AM Matthew Conlon : alright, go ahead.
11:54 AM Saif Ahmad : Thank you.
---The browser is unable to connect to the chat server. Some messages may not have been delivered and you will not be able to send or receive new messages.---
---You are now reconnected with Saif Ahmad---
12:02 PM Matthew Conlon : Sorry - That nic was not set to connect automatically...
12:02 PM Saif Ahmad : Glad to have you back.
12:03 PM Matthew Conlon : seems I'm in better shape, generally about 60Mbps
12:03 PM Saif Ahmad : No problem.
12:03 PM Matthew Conlon : Is that a respectable speed when paying for 100Mbps?
12:03 PM Saif Ahmad : It will improve gradually now, for the speed you are subscribed.
12:04 PM Matthew Conlon : I see
12:04 PM Matthew Conlon : So, back to my previous question. We've been paying for 100mbps, but getting 5 to 10% of that. Are we entitled to any kind of discount?
12:04 PM Saif Ahmad : I know it is not, but it will increase gradually as it takes time completely sync with server after the reset.
12:04 PM Saif Ahmad : Matthew you know how it goes.
12:08 PM Saif Ahmad : With network devices.
---You are now reconnected with Saif Ahmad---
12:08 PM Matthew Conlon : Just making sure that you saw my last question
12:14 PM Saif Ahmad : I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. I will surely help you with Credits/compensation for the inconvenience caused to you. Rest assured you will not be paying for the interrupted period.
12:14 PM Saif Ahmad : I hope we didn't lose each other. Are we still connected?
---You are now reconnected with Saif Ahmad---
12:14 PM Matthew Conlon : Sorry, it didn't update until I clicked on it.
12:14 PM Saif Ahmad :I haven’t heard from you.  I’ll be here for a few more minutes in case there are any questions I may be able to answer for you.
12:14 PM Matthew Conlon : I'm here.
12:15 PM Saif Ahmad : Okay, No problem.
12:15 PM Matthew Conlon : When you say "the interrupted period", what exactly are we talking about here?
12:15 PM Matthew Conlon : It's been a fraction of what we have been paying for now for over two years.
12:18 PM Saif Ahmad : As I am from the troubleshooting team, I can help you with cable/Internet related issues, to help you with compensation and refund, let me connect you to the concern team.
12:18 PM Saif Ahmad : Shall I transfer the chat now?
---You are now reconnected with Saif Ahmad---
12:19 PM Matthew Conlon : Yes, please do.
12:19 PM Saif Ahmad : Sure.
12:19 PM Saif Ahmad : Please stay connected, While I transfer the chat.
---You are being transferred.  Please wait for the next available agent.---
---You are now chatting with Jenebee---
12:22 PM Jenebee : Hi Matthew, thank you for contacting Xfinity Chat Support.  My name is Jenebee.  Please give me a moment to review your account information.
---You are now reconnected with Jenebee---
12:22 PM Matthew Conlon : Hello Jenebee
12:22 PM Jenebee : Please allow me a few minutes to review the transcript.
12:24 PM Jenebee : Matthew, can you please elaborate on your concern?
---You are now reconnected with Jenebee---
12:25 PM Matthew Conlon : Sure can! I moved in here with family two years ago. First thing I noticed was the internet was poor, though I was told we were paying for only 20Mbps. I've been in I.T. now for 20 years, so I deal with this for my clients all the time.
12:26 PM Matthew Conlon : So I looked into it, and contacted comcast about six months ago. we provisioned, and investigated and so forth
12:26 PM Matthew Conlon : They advised that I swap out the modem, so I went to the comcast store, swapped it out, brought it home, no difference. I let it go for the time being, until today.
12:27 PM Matthew Conlon : I work from home, so I rely on my connection. Generally speaking, I never would go above 6Mbps
12:27 PM Matthew Conlon : So I reached out today
12:27 PM Matthew Conlon : I was told "I see some equipment on our side that was set up wrong", and then we found that the modem was provisioned incorrectly.
12:28 PM Matthew Conlon : Now, everything looks great... So we're paying, what... $220 for all our services, and we've been getting about 4% to 6% of what we were paying for, with regards to internet, for more than 2 years now.
12:28 PM Matthew Conlon : Because things were not set up properly on your end, even though I've had it looked at, enough that I was told to swap out the modem.
12:29 PM Matthew Conlon : That's a lot of money to pay, even if everything were set up right from the beginning.
12:30 PM Matthew Conlon : Are you still there?
12:33 PM Matthew Conlon : Have I lost connection?
12:33 PM Jenebee : Yes, I am still here.
12:33 PM Matthew Conlon : Ah. See you typing now. I was having a problem earlier, where the chat applet wouldn't update if I wasn't typing. Was just checking.
12:37 PM Jenebee : I do understand.
12:37 PM Jenebee : We apologize to hear this Matthew.
12:37 PM Jenebee : For security purposes, please verify your complete name and service address.
---You are now reconnected with Jenebee---
12:37 PM Matthew Conlon : I thought you had the transcript, I've already done that.
12:37 PM Matthew Conlon : **************
12:38 PM Jenebee : Thanks.
12:38 PM Matthew Conlon : You're welcome
12:38 PM Jenebee : Please allow me a few minutes to check this for you
---You are now reconnected with Jenebee---
12:43 PM Jenebee : I checked here and we can help you out with this through our tech department. In this way they can troubleshoot the problem and fix this for you.
12:43 PM Matthew Conlon : No
12:43 PM Matthew Conlon : They just did
12:43 PM Jenebee : I will be glad to connect this chat for further assistance.
12:43 PM Matthew Conlon : I'
12:44 PM Matthew Conlon : I'm asking for some kind of discount for having payed $220 for two years, and getting a fraction of the internet speed I pay for because of some screw up on your end.
12:46 PM Matthew Conlon : Do you actually have access to the transcript from this? I've been at this for almost 2 hours, I'd really like to come to a conclusion.
12:51 PM Jenebee : Let me go ahead and check the reported outage here on my end.
12:51 PM Jenebee : I haven’t heard from you.  I’ll be here for a few more minutes in case there are any questions I may be able to answer for you.
12:51 PM Jenebee : Matthew, since I have not heard back, I will be ending our chat soon.
---You are now reconnected with Jenebee---
12:51 PM Matthew Conlon : I'm here. It's not updating again
12:51 PM Matthew Conlon : So what am I to be expecting?
12:52 PM Matthew Conlon : It wasn't an "outage" per se, it was "I was paying for great internet, but getting garbage", and it's super frustrating, having gone through all that I outlined above, which it doesn't seem like you've read, only to find that the mistake was on Comcast's end.
12:53 PM Matthew Conlon : Why does every reply from you take almost ten minutes? This is getting a bit ridiculous.
12:56 PM Matthew Conlon : You still there?
12:58 PM Jenebee : We completely understand where you are coming from and understand that you wanted a compensation for this. As for the credit request, we will only be able to apply reported outage for this.
12:58 PM Matthew Conlon : Right. Okay, I'll take this to Twitter. Thanks for the time.
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